PRICING FOR: Venetian & Wooden Venetian ETC


At Curtain Clean we clean Venetian blinds, Faux wooden blinds, wooden Venetian blinds, and any other odd types of blinds that you may have.

We also repair most types of blinds including recording the blinds when the strings have frayed, replacing cord-locks and blind turners that open and shut the blinds. (N.B. Because models of blinds change and some parts may no longer be available it is advisable to ask us first if we still have the parts.

Unfortunately if the ladders are broken in too many places it becomes uneconomic to repair them. If slats are buckled and bent they are very hard to straighten and we can give no assurances that we can do that.

When cleaning the blinds they are washed and dried. Ordinary painted Venetians are then coated with a poly wax finish to help keep them clean and shiny longer. The strings on blinds get really dirty from grubby hands, hand creams etc so particular attention is paid to the strings so that you get then back as clean as we can make them.

Prices to clean the different types of Venetian Blinds, including Wooden Venetian and Faux Wooden blinds (All quoted prices subject to confirmation of blind sizes at factory)



Pricing for Re-cording Venetian Blinds

For blinds in RED
For blinds in ORANGE$35
For blinds in GREEN$35
For blinds in BLUE$75
For blinds in PURPLE$75


If painted Venetians have been subject to previous cleaning with spray and wipe products or so called citrus cleaners then the paint surfaces may be irrevocably damaged and even though we hand clean the paint may come off in places during cleaning cleaning.

Cooking oils vaporize at a low temperature and when they collect on the blind blades can cause the paint to fail and come off during cleaning. Many detergents used in the home at the kitchen sink can also cause the paint surface to come off. Metallic finishes are very susceptible to this happening.

Close proximity to coffee makers can also damage the paint on the blinds causing it to come off during cleaning. The fumes given off are toxic to the paint surfaces. Metallic finishes are very susceptible to this happening.

Some very old blinds may lose paint due to age, with the paint just dissolving. We cannot be responsible if this does happen, even though it is rare.


Wooden Venetian Blinds

As their name says they are made of wood and wood with a painted surface will deteriorate in the sun and with normal household use, particularly in the kitchen and bathroom area’s. The most problematic are the blinds that are closed all day for weeks, (as in holiday homes), with the same side to the sun. The sun dries the wood and shrinks it until it actually has lost its form and substance. When washed the wood will lose its surface.

Unpainted dry Cedar blinds will, when washed, lose any oil that may be remaining on the wood.  We cannot be responsible if this does happen.

The remedy is to re-oil the blinds with a special blind oil that is made for this purpose. In the worst case we can re surface the blind with a clear Varnish. Both will assist in prolonging the life of the blinds.
For blinds in a good condition they will go through the cleaning without any problems. Those that need re-oiling may only need one coat of oil but most seem to need two.


Cost to Re-Oil Blinds

The cost to re-oil blinds is calculated as follows;

Take the blind cleaning price and multiply that by 1.50 per coat required. So a 1.0 mtr x1.0 mtr blind at $22.00 is multiplied 22 x 1.50 = $33.00 additional cost per coat.

Therefore the cleaning cost plus one coat would come to $55.00.
And cleaning plus two coats would be $88.00.


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