NO AGENT NEAR YOU? Look Here for what to do.

If we don’t yet have a local agent in your area, we can still clean your curtains.

You can still have your curtains cleaned and like new again.

Just takes a little more organizing. You can courier your curtains to Curtain Clean.

You can use any courier or if you would prefer we can arrange the courier for you.

Please go here to Sending curtains to Curtain Clean for complete instructions.

If you need help with a courier then please go here to; Instructions for having Your curtains picked up by our Courier.

See below for instructions on packing, information to send and address.

Click Here To call Curtain Clean 006408005790501 for assistance

Ph 0800 5790501

You can even print the info sheet and the address labels right from the pages.

When sending items to Curtain Clean please note the following:

1. Curtains sent to us by courier will be returned the same way. There is a courier charge from Curtain Clean to you.

2. Hooks and pins should be left in the curtains.

3. Curtains should be packed into card board boxes, not too tightly, or wrapped in plastic.Roman blinds should be sent without taking them apart. Thermal curtains should be lightly powered with talcum powder on the thermal side (to prevent sticking), and folded lightly, then sent to Curtain Clean at 17 Alach St, Greerton, Tauranga.

You can:

Print a parcel label now by clicking on the printer icon.You can also print this later by using the tab under About Curtain Clean.


4. Please include a fact sheet with your information including daytime contact phone numbers and Email address for us to send the Account for payment. Please also include any information that you consider relevant to the curtains,e.g. Been sprayed with cat pee, have had wine spilt on them, may have had cleaner sprayed on them, etc, etc. Any information that will assist us in the cleaning of the curtain.


Print Fact Sheet now. Click on Printer Icon.You can also print this later by using the tab under About Curtain Clean.

5. Repairs to the curtains.

If you require alterations to the curtain(s) or specific repairs made please include this information on the fact sheet.

If you require new linings on the curtains then we can do this as well. Please tell us what type of lining. We will price this before proceeding and advise you for your confirmation. Types of lining that we normally do are: Polycotton, thermal, and Block-out.

6. If required we can advise a price, by email, on receipt of the curtains and before cleaning. Any estimates given by phone or email prior to measuring are just that and confirmed prices can only be available after measuring. If you require this price confirmation please indicate with your other information.

7. An email before dispatching the curtains is helpful to ensure we know that they are coming and how many parcels there are.

8. Once the curtains arrive they will be inspected and measured. If at that point we consider there are issues that may affect the outcome we will advise accordingly usually by phone, and suggest a solution, where that can be done.

9. All work will need to be paid for before return, either by cheque or direct debit to our bank account. The account number is included on any invoice we send you via Email. An email will be sent to you once the curtains are ready for return and the curtains will be dispatched on payment.

10. Guarantees.

Because we are dealing with so many and varied fabrics and those fabrics have been exposed to all sorts of environmental situations such as sun damage, sometimes for many years, it is not possible to give any guarantees about shrinkage, stretching, dye loss/colour loss, dye run and damaged thermal or block or lining. These things are inherent in the fabric used for the curtains.

We cannot guarantee to remove all stains, especially permanent stains such as paint, but we will do our best to do so.

We cannot take responsibility for damage caused by application of various cleaning products, spillages of drinks or other splashes nor the damage they can cause, prior to the curtains being sent for cleaning.

We will do our best to ensure your curtains are returned to the right length at which we receive them unless notified that they need to be altered.

The staff at Curtain Clean are well trained in all aspects of the curtain cleaning process and are trained to assess the requirements for all types of materials. Additionally we test all fabrics so that we can determine types of cleaners that can or cannot be used on them.

While we take utmost care we cannot always make your curtains new again. We will give it a good try.


Need any Help at all with with this?

Ph. 08005790501

Click Here To call Curtain Clean 006408005790501 for assistance

Email. Contact us for assistance.

Our Mission is to return the curtains to you looking the best we can make them at a reasonable cost.

EMAIL: Curtain Clean

Curtain Clean BOP Ltd

Ph: 07 5790501 or 0800 5790501

Courier Delivery Address:

Curtain Clean

17 Alach Street
Tauranga 3112

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Summer Holiday Times

Time to talk about Xmas and New Year Break.

                        Its nearly all over folks.

elves 2

Curtain Clean will be open again 19th of  Monday the 15th of January.

So for parcels being sent to Curtain Clean the last day for sending them will be Thursday the 14th of December.

You can resume sending parcels from Thursday the 11th of January.

Staff are back from Monday the 15th of January.

Any queries please give us a call or email. Phones and emails will be monitored periodically during the holiday period.

 Happy New Year.




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