When we clean Roman and Austrian blinds we pay particular attention to the strings as these are usually grubby from hands and hand creams etc. In most cases the strings are removed from the blind for cleaning. The strings will often shrink during the washing and we will re-plait or replace  them to fit the blind properly. (Clean strings are probably the most often commented on item) During that process damaged strings can be replaced. See below for the cost of recording the blinds.

Roman Blind with roll up head rail.

       Roman Blind with roll up head rail.

We replace all rusty eyes as they are the cause of strings wearing out. We can also replace pulleys as often the small pulleys on the blinds have worn through. There is a charge for pulleys of $7.50. We also replace any rings that are missing or broken and can if required completely re-string the blinds. So when sending in Roman or Austrian Blinds, send them intact with their battens and strings in place.

Curtain Clean can replace those old wooden head rails and strings with the modern chain driven roll up head rails. Call us for information on this.

Care needs to be taken when sending them for cleaning as couriers will only carry articles up to 2.0 meters in length. Wrap them well. If your blinds are longer than the 2.0 meters they would need to be sent on transport. We use PBT to do this and if you have any difficulty then email us here and we can arrange for this to happen. The courier costs are slightly more for this service.

Sizing for Cleaning

Price is determined by size. Let the blinds down to the bottom of their strings and measure the width and height. Blinds are priced in 400mm increments so go to the chart and find the nearest match. (For estimates go to the next bracket to be sure of your price.)

Prices – As of 2016


Re-cord Cost

Please note: If Roman & Austrian Blinds are lined and a fabric test is negative then we may have difficulty removing the stain from the lining and the curtain. This is because we cannot separate the materials as we do with curtains. Despite that though, most go through without a problem. Even if we cannot remove the stain we still clean the blinds and they are sanitized to kill the mould, so that it is only the stain that remains and that will fade over time.

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