Curtain Repairs and Alterations

Curtain Repairs and Alterations

When curtains are cleaned Curtain Clean takes care of minor repairs as part of the cleaning process. Items such as replacing the side tags, resewing of broken pleats in the heads, un-stitched hems, little wounds in the curtains and other miscellaneous bits and pieces.

These are all part of the cleaning and restoring process.

 We also do major repairs to curtains

We repair sun damaged sides on the curtains.
We replace broken head tapes.
We replace linings on curtains. We can replace in poly-cotton, thermal or block-out to suit your needs.
We can shorten your curtains.
We can repair tears, holes, burns, etc. provided there is sufficient material.

We can remake many curtains e.g. changing the width to suit a new room configuration.
N.B. This does depend that there is sufficient material in good condition to do so.

 Important Policy

We will not undertake any repair work on dirty curtains.
The reason being that the sewing room is out of bounds for dirty curtains simply to protect our customers already clean curtains being contaminated with bacteria etc from dirty curtains.

Cost of Repairs

As each type of repair is different we are unable to give a standard price. Once we see a curtain and have all the required information we can then do so. We will communicate this to you before we commence if required.

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Curtain Cleaning and Restoration


Summer Holiday Times

Time to talk about Xmas and New Year Break.

                        Its nearly all over folks.

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Curtain Clean will be open again 19th of  Monday the 15th of January.

So for parcels being sent to Curtain Clean the last day for sending them will be Thursday the 14th of December.

You can resume sending parcels from Thursday the 11th of January.

Staff are back from Monday the 15th of January.

Any queries please give us a call or email. Phones and emails will be monitored periodically during the holiday period.

 Happy New Year.




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