Curtain cleaning prices are based on height, the number of panels in the curtain and the type of materials to be cleaned and any non normal features.

Go here for pictures and more information on types of materials and curtains.
What to do:
1.First determine the type of material in the curtains. Check for any non standard features such as goblets or pet hair. Decide the category that your curtains come into. See curtain types below.
2. Count the number of panels in the curtains. See curtain measurement guide below.
3. Measure the height of the curtains. See curtain measurement guide below.
4. Go to price chart. Select Category and height and multiply the price by the number of panels.
5. Allow extras such as freight.
6. Call us if you need help. Ph. 0800 5790501 or  Click Here To Call 006475790501

Curtain types:
Category 1 – Thermal lined curtains and separate linings. Single layer curtains.
Category 2 – Standard lined curtains with Polycotton, cotton or mildew resistant linings. Double layer curtains.
Category 3 – Standard curtains with Block-out lining. Double layer curtains with block-out lining. Heavy Standard Curtains. Curtains with a heavy curtain material. Sewn in sides type construction.
Category 4 – Velvet curtains. Curtains with sewn on Stripes. See below under curtains with stripes.
Silk Curtains. Most silks are shiny and soft and are polyester.
Taffeta Curtains. Tend to be shiny, sometimes crumply and hard to the feel.
Category 5 – Hemp & other Exotic Materials. Heavy linens, natural fabrics, hemp.
Category 6 –
Interlined Curtains (Curtains with 3 layers, one inside of the other). Non Standard curtains.

Curtains that don’t fit any of the above. Contact us for information.

Go here for pictures and  more information of curtain types
Scroll down for price chart
Curtain Measurement GuideCurtain Measurement Guide
Curtains are constructed of panels, usually the width of the material off the roll.
These panels are sewn together to form the curtain and each panel is called ‘a drop”, so a curtain can have from one up to any number of drops and may have part drops. A full drop maybe from1200mm to 1500mm wide.
To count the drops they are best counted by checking along the hem at the back of the curtain for the number of seams that run from the hem to the top of the curtain.
Where the curtains have no discernible vertical joins, measure the width of the curtain at the bottom hem and divide by 1400mm.


The vertical measurement is from the bottom of the curtain to the top and we price in 500mm intervals, i.e. up to 500mm, up to 1.0 meters, up to 1.5mtr, up to 2.0 meter and so on.
So, to estimate the price to have your drape cleaned you will need to determine which category the curtains fall into, the vertical height and the number of drops to be cleaned. From this information you can look at the price chart and determine the estimate.

Scroll down for full price list.


Retail Price list 1 August 2016



Price includes G.S.T.
All quoted prices subject to confirmation of Drape, Curtain or Blind size and Classification on arrival at Curtain Clean.

All prices quoted are for standard curtain construction. Unusual features may have extra costs. ( See above)

The prices found on here are for cleaning your curtains and doing minor repairs as we do. Where a major repair is required such as repairing the sides or replacing rusty pin hooks, tears in linings etc. we reserve the right to charge for that work. The cost will be minor but if it requires more than that if we have your contact details we will talk to you about it.

Per Drop Price (panel), for curtains up to 3 drops wide.

Curtains/drapes 2.0 mtrs. and longer and wider than 3 drops (panels),will incur an extra charge of $3.00 per extra drop.

Go here for pictures and information of curtain types.


If you require your curtains ironed (most don’t need this), or if the curtains by their nature need ironing then the additional cost is $10.50 per drop. N.B That the Ironing cost is already included in Category 5. We need to be notified before we finish the curtains.

Tie Backs

It pays to clean the drape ties at the same time as your drapes otherwise they will leave a tide-mark around your nice clean drapes.
There are three types of ties. Plain, fancy and Extra fancy. Refer to price list for estimate.

Plain Ties

Plain Ties

Fancy Ties

Fancy Ties

Extra Fancy

Extra Fancy


Measure the length of the hem at the bottom of the curtain and the height.













These are priced per meter of gathered length as hung on the track or pelmet.









Curtains with sewn on stripes
These curtains often have to have the stripes removed to best clean them. This is because often the stripes are different material and can shrink differently or not as the case may be causing distortion to the curtains. They can also be of a different colour and may bleed into the curtain.
We do not know until the fabric is tested. So for initial pricing purposes, use the stripe price per mtr shown further down.
If the curtains do not need the stripes removed, they will be charged as normal drapes in the category they belong.

Curtains with Goblet Tunnels and Tulip Pleats
Goblets and tulip pleats are filled with Dacron fill. This has to be removed to clean the curtains and needs to be cleaned as well. It is then stuffed back into the goblets. These curtains will have an additional charge of $3.00 per tulip or goblet.

Cat/Dog Hair
Curtains with cat/dog hair may attract an additional charge depending on the amount of hair and time taken to clean the hair off the curtains.

All curtains and blinds couriered from Curtain Clean, either directly to the sender or to agents, incur a freight cost at the appropriate rate. Curtains sent via agents will incur freight costs both ways. Freight is not included in any of these price lists. Ask your agent for an estimate of freight.

For drapes and blinds that you cannot find listed please ring us or email us (with a photo if possible) and we will respond to your question.

Roman and Austrian Blinds

When cleaning Roman and Austrian blinds we make a particular effort to clean all the strings. We replace any rusty eyes that the strings run through and replace broken rings and resew any rings that are looking loose and dodgy.
We also replace worm out rollers although at an additional small cost and can recommend if you large Romans would benefit and be easier to use from having rollers fitted.

We also record Roman and Austrian Blinds.

Price again is determined by size. Let the blinds down to the bottom of their strings and measure the width and height. Blinds are priced in 400mm increments so go to the chart and find the nearest match. (For estimates go up to the next bracket to be sure of your price)

Go here for Roman Blind Prices for Cleaning
Pick up of Curtains or Blinds by Curtain Clean

Greerton / Pyes Pa$45.00
Tauranga / Bethlehem$50.00
Mount / Papamoa  $55.00
Te Puke (beyond Parton Rd)$75.00
Katikati (beyond Omokoroa)$90.00



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