Instructions for having Your curtains picked up by Our Courier.

Pickup information required for Curtain Clean to arrange a PBT, Metro or any other pickup.

If you are not sure about this or need help with anything!

Phone 0800 5790501

Email for help

MOB. Click Here To Call 00647579050

Arranging for a parcel pickup via Curtain Clean

Freight is charged to Curtain Clean and will be charged to your Cleaning Invoice.

See below for an indicative price per parcel.

You can pack your curtains in a box, gently, not too tight or you can send them in a plastic wrap.

Packages can be up to 25kg per box or bag and no more than 2.0mtr long.

Plastic rubbish bags are OK if you use two, one inside the other though no more than about 15 kg.

Tape the tops of each one so its a nice neat bundle.

Long parcels can be wrapped in plastic.  Heavier type plastic is good.

If there are bits that could be broken in transport wrap them well to protect them.

Here are two printer icons.

One will print an address label for your parcel and the other an information sheet. Please fill in the info form
and put the sheet in with the parcel. More details rather than less.

You can Print a Parcel label now by clicking on the printer icon.

           You can a Print Fact Sheet now by clicking on the printer icon.

Always good to put handle with care labels on parcels and on long parcels a label that says “TOP LOAD”
Our carriers take notice of that label.

If more than 1 box then please label the parcel with 1/2, 2/4 so the courier knows how many in total.

Arranging for the Courier to pick up the parcels.
Once you have packed the curtains into a box suitable for a courier then let us have these details by Email ;
1. Number of parcels.
2. Where to pick up the parcels from. e.g. front porch; xyz address level 6 reception opposite lift. (Not available for rural at this time)
. Contact details (phone no.), at pickup and for yourself if different including your Email address. (this will allow confirmation of the pickup back to you by email by the courier.)
4. Place address
to return the curtains to.
when the parcels are/will be ready for pickup.

Send us that in an Email. The link is also on the contact side widget on the home page.

We will action the pickup when we get Your Email with all the information.

We need all this info to action the pickup and while email is preferred you can still phone us on 0800 5790501 with the info if you don’t have email.

Courier costs.
For an indication of the cost:
  Auckland, Bay Of Plenty, Waikato, allow $11.00 per parcel up to15kg. Rural allow another $8.00
  South of Taupo to Wellington, Napier, Wairarapa, Palmerston North, Wanganui allow $15.00 up to 15 kg. Rural allow another $8.00
  South Island. Send us an Email.
 Courier Insurance is included.
 Courier charges will be charged to your account under Freight.

Long Parcels
For Roman Blinds and Long blinds and Heavy parcels (over 25kg per parcel).
For parcels that are longer than 2.0 mtrs and in a bundle or heavier than 25 kg then PBT require that
these are a truck pick up.

We require that same details as above plus an estimate of the cubic size, and an estimate of the weight.

It does not need to be accurate but a reasonable estimate. Freight is charged on these parameters and PBT will check weigh and measure the freight.

The freight cost per truck pickup is a minimum of $40.00 per pickup.
This will be charged to your Invoice under Freight.
To work out the Cube;
Height of parcel x width of parcel x length of parcel.
Make sure you get the decimal point in the right places.



More here;

Actioning the Pickup.
We will action the pickup when we get your Email and have all the required information.

An Email link is on the Homepage on the contact widget.

Once we receive and process the curtains we will send you details on Email.

For more Information about our system go here
Remember if you need assistance you can call us on 0800 5790501

Email for help

MOB. Click Here To Call 006475790501
We look forward to helping you.


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