Cleaning Fire-Retardant Curtains

How to Clean Fire-Retardant Curtains

By Cynthia Myers, eHow Contributorupdated January 15, 2011

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Fire-retardant fabrics have been treated with chemicals to lower or limit their ability to burn. You can find fire-retardant curtains manufactured from cotton, polyester, fiberglass, wool and linen. According to the Apparel Search Company, curtains labeled as permanently fire-retardant, inherently fire-retardant or durably fire-retardant have fire-retardant properties woven into the fabric that will not dissipate with cleaning.

If your curtains bear a label that says they are merely fire-retardant, they have likely been sprayed or coated with a fire-retardant chemical that will gradually wash or wear away. The chemicals used to make fabric flame-retardant may dissolve with both water washing and dry cleaning. If you wash fabric marked flame- or fire-retardant, you will need to re-treat the fabric after washing to restore the fire retardancy.

At Curtain Clean we can clean your curtains and retreat them with Flame Retardant.  The treatment comes with a 5 year compliance certificate that is needed for public spaces.

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See the information on Fire Retardant Treatment Here.

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