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Curtains can be made from a wide range of different fabrics. This gives you a lot of choice in terms of drape, texture, pattern and style. If you are making your own curtains it is a good idea to choose a slightly less expensive fabric and order a larger quantity. This will ensure you have enough fabric to make your curtains the perfect size and will allow for any adjustments that need to be made once the curtains are finished.


You can get some affordable good quality fabrics for curtains. It is important to choose good quality materials when you are making your own curtains.  This ensures that the curtains last for as long as possible after all the effort you have gone to. Cheap fabrics tend to wear more quickly and can fade when washed. Silk, linen and chintz provide wonderful natural fabrics that last for a long time and will respond well to cleaning and repairs.


When you are setting a budget for your new curtains don’t forget to include the extras such as sewing thread, lining fabric, curtain hooks and heading tape. These can soon add up and if you spend all of your budget on the main fabric you could struggle to get the other necessities. You don’t need to spend a fortune but you will need to allow a generous budget for making curtains. Good quality fabrics are not cheap and by setting a realistic budget to start with you will not have to cut any corners or compromise when it comes to getting the look you want.

Colour and Pattern

When you are choosing your new curtain fabric it can be easy to get carried away with all the wonderful colours and patterns that are on offer. However you do need to consider how the curtains will look in the room you intend to hang them in. Think about the room décor and colour palette. If you already have a lot of bright patterns and striking colours then neutral tone, plain curtains can help to avoid clashes. If your room is decorated in a neutral style then bold curtains can create a visual impact that will brighten up this space.

Texture and Drape

The types of fabric you use will significantly affect the drape and hang of the curtain. Heavy fabric can hold its shape well around the window. You can create some very attractive drapes with heavier weight fabrics and these are ideal for rooms that are decorated richly or need additional insulation. However if the fabric is too heavy it will not hang in neat folds and will look shapeless and bulky. If you want combine clean lines with a flowing style then mid-weight fabrics can be effective and will gather neatly to create attractive folds.  Lightweight fabrics create floating, airy looking window dressings.

By: Gareth Hoyle  –   About the Author :
  Our curtain fabric is available in a wide range of materials and fashions to suit any kind of kitchen from large to small.

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