Curtains and Drapes covered in mould, mildew, dirt and grime?
Give your curtains a new life, gain healthier living with Curtain Clean.

Do they look like this? If they do we can fix that.

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Want your curtains to look like NEW AGAIN, like these? Yes.

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Curtain Clean specializes in cleaning all types of Curtains and Drapes (from silk to sacking), thermals, nets, Roman Blinds, Austrian Blinds, Roller Blinds, Duets, Verosol and Silhouette Blinds, Vertical Blinds, Venetian Blinds and Wooden Venetian Blinds.

Stain removal and especially mildew removal can be difficult. Many people encounter problems when they try to do the job themselves because washing machines are too small for today’s curtains and using a washing machine can lead to damage to the fabrics. Tumble drying can also damage fabrics so that they do not hang properly again.

Dry cleaning doesn’t remove the stains nor the mildew. At Curtain Clean we use a gentle hand washing process and natural drying. No solvents are used in the process either.

After drying, curtains are checked for shrinkage, the hems are adjusted back to the original length (provided there is sufficient material to do so), and minor repairs are attended to before the curtains are returned to the customer. Curtain Clean are also able to make replacement linings and do alterations to your curtains.

 What does it cost to clean curtains?

You can estimate the cost to clean your Curtains by going here and Roman Blinds by going here. You will learn the way to measure the curtain sizes and the types of categories the curtains fall into, i.e. are they ordinary curtains, block-out type curtains etc. and from this information you can establish the cost using the price chart. Any time you need assistance with this you can email us here, or call us on 0800 5790501.

Can we apply a FIRE RETARDANT to your Curtains.

Keep your loved ones safer.

Yes. See more details here.

 Can you send curtains or blinds to us?

Yes. Curtains can be can be sent through agents in the areas where Curtain Clean has an agent or you can courier them to us for cleaning.

The list of agents and their local contact details can be found here.

Instructions for sending in curtains to Curtain Clean via courier can be found here

We can arrange a courier for you. See here

Can we take the Curtains down and rehang them for you?

Yes we can, in areas that Curtain Clean has agents they are only too happy to do this. There is a small charge for this service. To find an agent for your area look under “Find an Agent”  at the top of this page, or in the side bar opposite or go here or email us and we will arrange for this to be done for you.

For information on Cleaning of various types of Blinds and other window shades.

Venetian Blinds of different kinds. For pricing go here.

Roller blinds, Duet blinds, Verosol blinds, Silhouette Blinds and Shades. For pricing go here.

Vertical Blinds. For pricing go here.

You have some questions!

Please read Whys and all about curtains and the other pages for more answers to any questions that you may have, and warnings about what not to do to your curtains. If you have any further questions, either email us, or you can phone us on 0800 5790501.

Our Mission is to return the curtains to you looking the best we can make them.


Where to find us: Click here for a location map.

Who are Curtain Clean?

Curtain Clean is owned and operated by Margaret and Robert Anderson, and with the help of their team of ladies we clean curtains from all over New Zealand. Curtain Clean has been cleaning curtains for 20 years.

Our Mission is to return the curtains to you looking the best we can make them at a reasonable cost.

Thank you for dropping by. If you know someone who you would like to share this information with feel great about doing so. There are share buttons at the bottom.

 NEED ASSISTANCE?       Ph. 07 5790501 OR 0800 5790501

MOB. Click Here To call Curtain Clean on 0800 579 0501 for assistance




Summer Holiday Times

Time to talk about Xmas and New Year Break.

                        Its nearly all over folks.

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Curtain Clean will be open again 19th of  Monday the 15th of January.

So for parcels being sent to Curtain Clean the last day for sending them will be Thursday the 14th of December.

You can resume sending parcels from Thursday the 11th of January.

Staff are back from Monday the 15th of January.

Any queries please give us a call or email. Phones and emails will be monitored periodically during the holiday period.

 Happy New Year.




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7.30 AM TO 5 PM.

Saturday by Arrangement.

Ph. 07 5790501

or 0800 5790501

MOB. Click Here To Call 006475790501


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